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About Us.

Simon Platzer bei Film Arbeiten für Land Tirol Bergwelten Miteinander Erleben
Simon Platzer und Johannes Hoffmann beim Dreh für Land Tirol Bergwelten Miteinander Erleben

We are a full-service production studio.

Simon Platzer has been an independent filmmaker for over 20 years. He started his passion through filming skateboarding and soon transformed his obsession for moving images and cameras into his job. In 2011 he started shooting the skifilm "Time for the Whiteroom" together with Johannes Hoffmann and Jakob Schweighofer. The era of Whiteroom begann, filled with great adventures, crazy ideas, hard work, a lot of fun and award-winning films, known especially in the ski scene. In 2018, the three friends founded their company "Whiteroom Productions", which is now a collective of filmmakers. Since 2022, Simon has been working under the company name "Grainhouse Productions". 

Meet our team.

Simon Platzer beim Kamera Setup

Simon Platzer


DOP, Editor, Producer, Owner

+43 660 773 5503

Mona Schafroth Producerin bei Grainhouse

Mona Schafroth



+43 670 535 797

Melissa Stolz Backoffice bei Grainhouse

Melissa Stolz



+43 676 4772410

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